Diego’s Days coming to an end!


He has 48 hours to leave the shelter either through rescue, foster or adoption.
He is a bouncy, friendly, goofy boy – he LOVES to meet other dogs and will either engage in play or is content to just be near them… He would make a super running partner! He likes his frozen kongs, vanilla ice cream and is quite treat motivated, which is so helpful with training.

Please share and help get this boy outta there! Or come to ACCT Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue TODAY to get this boy outta there!


11 responses to “Diego’s Days coming to an end!

  1. adoptacctphilly

    SAFE!! Diego was adopted with an hour to spare! Thank you everyone for your interest in helping him!!! xoxo

  2. I would love to foster him and if all goes well adopt him. I have a Staffordshire bull terror and a 6 year old. Let me know.

    • adoptacctphilly

      Yes! please head over to ACCT with your resident dog and child so they xan meet. If you are def. going to come down, i will contact lifesaving so they know he has a potential foster/adopter!

  3. Is he still available??

  4. Diego has been great with other dogs – he would need an adopter that understands his need for a few weeks of “shut down” time in order to de-stress from shelter life.
    Helen – what kind of dogs do you have? and what are their personalities? would you like to come meet Diego?
    He has until the close of business Tuesday 8/13.

  5. adoptacctphilly

    Yes, he is! He loves to play with other dogs. If you are interested he needs out by 6pm tonight you would have to Bring your dogs down to the shelter to meet him, just to be sure they get along!

  6. is he still available? Is he friendly around other pooches I have three and a big back yard!

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