Chubby Cheeked Cherry Countdown!

Image**URGENT-MUST BE OUT BY 8:00PM TONIGHT**Have you met Wild Cherry? (A20670377) He is also know as W.C. for short. Well, he’s not all that wild but he is as sweet as a cherry! W.C. is a very friendly guy who loves attention especially a head scratch! He has big squishy cheeks that are absolutely irresistible! W.C. is and about 3 to 5 years old and looking to start a new life in with a family that will love him forever. He was picked up as a stray but W.C. has hung up his street shoes in the hopes of finding a home. 

W.C. is a part of is part of the Kneady Cats Club at ACCT, a program that pairs a “needy” cat with a volunteer for more one-on-one attention, marketing, and socialization. If you would like to meet Wild Cherry, please email his Kneady Cat Pal, by replying to this ad or you can always stop by ACCT and meet W.C. He is currently living at ACCT in Philadelphia,111 W. Hunting Park Ave.


One response to “Chubby Cheeked Cherry Countdown!

  1. adoptacctphilly

    Safe in foster!!

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