Polka Dot Patches


Patches is a 5 yr old bulldog/terroir mix. She weighs approximately 40lbs and is the perfect size for a home or apartment! Walks like a lady on leash, takes treats gently, dog friendly (no cats please). Contact us today to make Patches your best girl ever!!



8 responses to “Polka Dot Patches

  1. Thank the goddess she is safe! I hope she has a forever home very soon.

  2. adoptacctphilly

    Safe with a rescue partner!!

  3. seonaid smith centz

    Hi I’m one of Patches’ Pen Pals, Seonaid. Where are you located? She can be adopted out of state but you would need to come to the shelter for a dog meet and to finalize the adoption. Not sure if she had a hot spot but that area is already filled in nicely.

    • I live in South Carolina so there is no way that I could make it before her deadline today which absolutely breaks my heart! She looks like such a sweet girl! I know all of them are and it is just I gut wrenching. I saw her post on the BSL Facebook group.

      • seonaid smith centz

        Lori, thank you so much for caring about Patches, she really is a great girl. Don’t worry she’ll make it out 😉

  4. Can Patches be adopted from someone out of state? If so, I think we have room for her here with us as long as she does well with other female dogs (1 Border Collie, 1 Flat Coat Retriever and 1 Piddle girl 2 years old) and one Piddle boy who like to think he has a harem..lol! We have a vet within walking distance and all our dogs are up to date on their shots. We have a large fenced in yard for them that I will be expanding in January. All of my fur kids stay inside and I have a special room with furniture for them to lounge on while we all watch TV together. Please get back to me ASAP as I would like to try and save this beautiful girl if at all possible. Also, please advise as to her skin condition.

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