Kelly has rescue–Dice is still urgent!

ImageDice is URGENT (Kelly is safe with confirmed rescue)

DICE (A20731294)
Well, hello there! My name is Dice. I’m sure I got my name because I’m black and white, but I think it’s a cute name. I’ve had it for a long time, all of my 8 years. I was living with my kitty friends, all 4 of us, happily in our home. Sadly, our family had to move to a place that didn’t allow pets, and we all had to come to the shelter. I am a handsome black tuxedo and I’m a little scared here. You really can’t fault me, it’s a noisy, crazy place! When you first stop by my cage I may be hiding, but stop and pet me, and I will open up and start to lean into head rubs and scratches. Keep petting me and I’ll relax even more and start to roll over on my side. Then, I start purring, and making happy paws, then I’ll get up and come to you and rub against you. Then, I’ll check out my neighbor cats because I miss my sisters. I really just need a chance to get out of the shelter and into a loving home. I’m a great middle-aged boy, already neutered and ready to go home with you! Please stop by and give me a chance at a real forever home!

Dice is part of ACCT’s Kneady Cats program. He is paired with a volunteer who is dedicated to helping him find a foster or adoptive home and who spends time with him to help him stay happy and stress-free while living in the shelter. Interested in meeting Dice? Email his volunteer at greytful26 @ or stop by the shelter at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19140.


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