Urgent Siblings-Can we keep them OUT of the shelter? If so, Please help!

ImagePHILLY AREA – URGENT HELP NEEDED to keep sibling cats together (and out of the shelter) after 91 year old owner passed away…please see info below. If anyone can help transport to Michigan or Wisconsin, there are offers of help there if we can’t help them locally. Maybe we can figure out transport if folks can help along the route…please email (or FB) eckozic@yahoo.com if you can help foster/adopt/rescue ASAP. This is the last plea since the cats need out of the house NOW. Please share for these two old heads. Their owner loved them so much, and the family isn’t willing to help them find a safe place to live. They shouldn’t have to be split up and surrendered to a shelter where their chance of making it out is slim…and making it out together is even worse. Please SHARE for these old heads!! 

Emily writes: “Last plea for help since time is almost up. I’ve had two offers of help for these poor kitties but unfortunately one is in Michigan and one in Wisconsin and we have no way to get them there and I’m not even sure if they would be able to handle the trip. Please email me at eckozic@yahoo.com if you can foster/adopt/rescue theses ladies or drive then to them partway.
My husband is a realtor and a lawyer that he works with asked him for help. A 91 year old client of his sadly passed away. She has two 12 year old cats. One is pictured below, the other is also a tortie but was scared of him. These 2 are siblings and spent their entire life together, the woman got them as kittens. My husband said they look good, we just don’t have room for them and I didn’t want to suggest ACCT because I don’t think they’d last a day there. I would be happy to help provide food and litter and the lawyer is willing to make a donation towards costs as well. Right now, the lawyers wife goes once a day and feeds them but the houses sale is being finalized. time is of the essence. None of the family can or will step in and help. That’s what’s so sad, from what I understand she loved these cats so much and now that shes gone I hate to think this is the end of the road for them. Please send me a note if you can help and I can get you in touch with them. Email at eckozic@yahoo.com”


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