Foster Friday! Meet Ginger!

Image**Ginger is currently in foster care**

Meet my foster, Ginger. She is:
~ 1-2 years old ~
~ Pit-er-dor mix (Pit/Doberman/lab(?) mix) A breed all her own 😉 ~
~ reddish/chocolate brown with white ~

She loves:
~ other dogs ~
~ kissing stray cats ~
~ snuggling on the couch (gets down when told to do so) ~
~ Learning! (easy to train, very focused)
~ being close to people ~
~ keeping herself occupied by playing with toys ~
~ napping in her crate ~
~ exploring around the city & beyond ~

Ginger has been with me since mid-April. I’ve seen her through the “unruly teenager” phase and she has matured into a beautiful young adult. She is loving, sweet, well-behaved, and an amazing dog all around.

I’d love to see her go to a home that can love her as much as I do, from now until forever. Please email me with a little information about your household if you are considering adopting Ginger.

Almost-daily updates on Ginger can also be found on my fb page “Rachel’s Penpals & Fosters”


Tell me what you think!

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