Marvelous Marlen has been waiting Months for you!

Image*****MARLEN (A11203324)******
Hey, everyone-I’m Marlen, or as I’m known around these parts-The Marvelous One. I came to the shelter as a wee kitten about 3 years ago and was adopted into a nice family. (YAY) Short story, happy ending, right? Not so fast!! Fast forward to 2013 and I am now a stray, alone on the scary city streets of Philly. (BOO, HISS) Fortunately, a nice person brought me to the shelter, where I have been for the last few months just hanging out, making friends, and waiting. 

Yes, you heard correctly. Months. I’ve been here for several months now, waiting and waiting. First I was waiting for my family to come get me, but alas–they never came. Sigh. I was really bummed about that at first, but hey….all the better to find YOU, my FOREVER family, right?

I’m a super sweet orange and white boy, and I love, love, love to get pets and scratches. Belly rubs are my FAVORITE! My friends at the shelter have been taking me to these things called adoption events where I’m meeting lots of nice people, but I’m really waiting for YOU. Yeah, YOU. Out there, looking at this ad!! Please come to the shelter and adopt me soon. This cage stuff is getting really old.

This cat is located at Philadelphia’s animal control shelter, ACCT. He needs immediate adoption or foster care. ACCT is located at 111 W Hunting Park Ave and is open 365 days a year. Adoption hours are 1-8 Monday through Friday and 10-5 on weekends. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, or email lifesaving @ (no spaces). Please visit for more information.


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