Save Sweet Shorty!


SHORTY (A20748598) 
Hi everyone, let me introduce myself! I’m Shorty, and I suppose my name kinda fits me because I’m not super tall but let’s not talk about that….you know us guys are sensitive about our height. So I was just hanging out in Philly, being the happy guy I am when someone picked me up and brought me here. Well, they didn’t literally pick me up, I’m a pretty solid boy weighing in at about 55lbs but I’m also a big old softie at heart so they told me to come with them and that’s what I did. I’m only a year or two old so my best years are still ahead of me! They say I’m probably a staffie mix, whatever that means. I’m excited because I got some really great news…I’m getting not one but TWO penpals of my very own. Woo-hoo! I’ve heard they are pretty much in love with me already. I’m the strong, silent type and I know the ladies love that. Plus, even though my physique is impressive, I still manage to walk nicely on a leash for my lady friends. I’m a gentleman! I also know cool stuff, like the command “sit” and my penpals are also teaching me commands like “down” and “paw”. They say I’m really smart and I pick up new things quickly. I’ve also been hanging out with a lot of other dogs here and I’ve been very tolerant with all different energy levels. I’m pretty much a great dog and my penpals say they can’t believe I’m still stuck in the shelter.


He is a gorgeous boy in need of a home. He loves attention, knows commands, takes treats gently, very food motivated. Oh..and he is gorgeous!! If you have questions please contact me at kellyjacoby65 @ or Holly at rescuemunchie @



One response to “Save Sweet Shorty!

  1. Shorty is my Pen Pal at ACCT. He is an adorable boy who is between 1 and 2 years old. He will sit on command instantly ..he has almost mastered “paw” and takes treats gently from your hand. He loves to explore his surroundings but when he is done he is perfectly happy sitting by your side, or in your lap, and giving you lots of kisses!! He is awesome and has stolen my heart. Please consider adding Shorty to your home!!! Thanks for posting him for me 🙂

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