Lacey Needs Love & A Family ASAP!


Lacey is a tall hound mix, 5-10 years young

Don’t let her age fool you! Lacey has years of kisses and snuggles left to give

She loves running and training: learned “sit” in just 2 days!

Beggin’ Strips are her favorite treats and Pupperoni are a close second, and she’s being given wet food regularly, so she won’t be a skinny mini for long

Lacey enjoys car rides and gentle affection

She is also a rockstar on leash, in the bath and car, and is friendly with other mellow dogs

She’s out of the puppy stage, so no obnoxious jumping, barking, or mouthing for this mature gal!

Lacey also seems to be doing her best to be housetrained

Lacey has two masses on her underside, which the vet says are fluid-filled. But they don’t seem to bother her one bit, she’s always smiling!

Lacey is so excited to meet you! Come fall in love with this gorgeous girl today: 111 W. Hunting Park Ave

She’s had a rough life so far. Teach Lacey what it’s like to feel loved.


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