Must Meet Mocha!!


It’s me Mocha!!
I am looking for nothing but some love, a comfy dog
bed, and maybe a nice yard or just good daily walks! I’m a cute and
adoptable, smart and wonderful terrier mix girl and I am ready now for my forever home!!

I recently found myself at the shelter after a personal tragedy of my primary caretaker. Really my story is remarkable. I was scared at the shelter but saved at the last minute by a rescue! However, now’s where you come in, because I really want to show you how wonderful I am! 

Let’s see, what else? Well, I’m about 4 years old, healthy and had all my shots! I
will thrive in a calm and stable home. I’ve lived with numerous cats and am
TOTALLY fine with them. I can also live with another dog or two as long as they
are not super rambunctious, try to hump me a lot. And, I’m remarkably affectionate! Once I trust you, which does not take long , I just need to make sure you are okay. I love going for walks, but I was never before walked much on this leash device much, so I’d love to learn how better. I also like to meet and say hi to new dogs friends, which is a new thing for me too! So many new things to see and learn about!!!! 

I do like my home relatively calm, so please no children under 12 for me. I will be a totally super loyal companion and hence would also like to be in a house where someone is home a lot , or take me to work with you?


Tell me what you think!

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