Lexa’s longing for love! (2 months in shelter!)


MEET LEXA (A21341444) *Special Senior*
URGENT- Good morning! Or…good evening! I admit I’ve never been great at telling time, especially when waking from a nap! But I sure don’t mind getting up for a visitor- and it’s not like I need any beauty sleep, am I right? It may take me a minute or two, but things do tend to slow down in the senior years! My name is Lexa and I’m a special senior gal of 10-15 years. 

You see, I used to have a home, but my owner wasn’t able to keep me anymore. It’s quite a change, I must say, and I’m afraid the stress has led to me coming down with a nasty cold! I’m getting medicine and fluids here, but I know the best medicine for me would be a warm, cozy home to recuperate in. I’m a nice, quiet girl with a petite frame that will fit perfectly on any lap. And I’ll barely take up any room at all in your bed! The biggest place I hope to occupy is your heart-think you can squeeze me in?

Lexa is at ACCT Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue! Go save her today! 


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