Scarred his face but not his heart.



Sometimes you walk through the kennels at the shelter, and there is one dog that catches your eye.  One dog that you are drawn to and don’t even realize that you’ve changed your direction and are heading straight for them.  That was BlackJack for me.

I got closer and I saw those eyes.  His eyes stood out even more then his scars did.  Soulful brown eyes that silently plead, “Save Me, Love Me’.  And in that moment I vowed to love him and help him find safety.  His scars only mean that he is stronger then whatever caused them, because he is still here, waiting to be loved again.

We went outside and he was nervous.  After a few minutes though, he warmed up to me, even started prancing around the yard.  This strong, black, scarred dog…pranced.  At that moment I knew he was going to be a great, great boy.  So we played with the soccer balls (he loves them), worked on commands (he already knew sit) and spent time snuggling (he presses his whole body in to you for pets).

I bathed him since we were playing in the mud (what dog doesn’t like playing in mud!), he loved it.  No fear, no trying to get out of the tub, he just stood there and enjoyed feeling the touch of a human caring for him.

Something so simple means the world to Blackjack.  All he wants is a chance, to love a family again.  Come to ACCT Philly and meet this boy, you will not regret it.  Even more, take him home.  He is worth it.

BlackJack (A21659412)  Email me if you have any questions about him adoptacctphilly @


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