Mindy is the longest Pen Pal resident! Let’s get her out!



Mindy (A20577322) is the happiest, wiggliest pittie mix girl at ACCT and she is really hoping you will take her home! She is about 40 lbs. and black and white. She was found as a stray and she never lets any memories of her past get her down! She absolutely loves people and is delighted to see visitors stop by her kennel. Just go over and see! She will greet you excitedly, we promise! She adores snuggling in blankets and I bet she would love anyone who lets her. She is good with other dogs. She has met kids and been great with them (of course)! She likes to play tug with a good rope toy, but she really likes hanging out with people—something volunteers noticed from the very beginning of her stay at ACCT. When she gets to take trips “off campus,” she spends the whole time excitedly greeting everyone who crosses her path (and some people several paths over, too!) with a great big pittie smile and a few generous wags of her tail. Once that tail starts wagging, her whole body erupts in a wiggle-dance. She also has a great little smile and oh, those eyes! Can you tell she has charmed all of the volunteers? Come by ACCT Philly and meet her and we promise that if you have a heart even half as big as this volunteer’s, you will be charmed within an instant, too.

Mindy is now a part of the pen pal program at ACCT Philly, meaning that she has a special volunteer (yours truly) who adores working with her and promoting her to find her the perfect home. Please reach out to me at mandy.aly.b@gmail.com. 

GUESS WHAT! Mindy is a superstar and also has her own Facebook page. Go to:https://www.facebook.com/meetmindyfromacctphillyand like her page to get updates and see tons of great photos!


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