Six Months in a shelter – Mission Save Steely in effect!

From Steely’s Pen Pal, who has followed him from ACCT to the rescue that saved him, and is STILL trying to find him a home. “Please share for steely dan. He is still in search of his forever home and needs someone understanding to the fact that he needs time to decompress when coming out of the shelter. Over 6 months in the shelter is no way anyone should live, not even a boy as sweet as him… If I could have a dog it would be steely. I always say steely is the love of my life , and there is a reason for that. This boy stole my heart so long ago it makes me sad to see him still in a shelter. ”

I can agree with her, Steely is one of those dogs that gain your heart the second your eyes lock. No dog should be in a shelter this long. He deserves the world, so let’s let the world see him!
He is currently at Animal Adoption Center in NJ, but you can reach his Pen Pal Amanda at or reply to this ad.


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