Frances (A21772279) is a calm, low key former Mama that recently came to ACCT as a stray. She’s medium sized and definitely had a home before, as she appears to be house trained. Frances is very affectionate, and enjoys cuddling with her volunteer friends here at the shelter. Her easy disposition and cuddle bug nature have earned her a spot as a volunteer and staff favorite, and she’s a go to dog for quiet time. Unfortunately this poor girl has started to become pretty stressed in the shelter and now needs your help more than ever. Please give this girl a chance!
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This very sweet and very thin Pittie girl needs your love! Eve (A21789631) is a 3 – 5 year old, female Pittie mix who was dropped off at ACCT as a stray after found wandering the streets as a stray. Life as a stray must have been a struggle for this sweetie, as upon intake our medical staff noted that she was severely emaciated, and had scabs, scars, hair-loss on both ears, as well as dental tartar. Despite her struggling on the streets, and being brought to an unfamiliar and scary shelter environment, Eve remains to be a friendly, sweet, and loving dog. This girl absolutely loves human attention and snuggles, and was very gentle and calm when we took her out for photographs. Eve deserves a fair chance at a loving home who will treat her well and put some meat on her bones. Please help this darling find a way out of the shelter! Eve needs you!

This sweet Pittie girl is feeling under the weather and needs your help! Passion (A21742022) is a 5 – 10 year old, female Pitbull mix who was surrendered to ACCT because her previous owners were moving and couldn’t bring her along. Poor Passion must feel so sad and lonely to be abandoned in the shelter. Still, she remains to be a sweet and loving girl. Unfortunately, this poor girl has developed a severe case of Upper Respiratory Infection, and needs to leave the shelter immediately to rest up in a stress-free environment. Please find it in your hearts to rescue this sweet girl and give her the fair chance at life that she deserves. Passion needs you now more than ever because she won’t make it out of the shelter on her own.
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Hi, my name is STELLA (A21853636). I’m a 3-5 year old female pit bull mix and I only weigh 40 lbs. I have the prettiest dark brown brindle and white coat and the cutest symmetrical face. I’m at the shelter because I was found roaming the streets, and that’s not a safe life for a pretty girl like me! I love getting outside run around and play with my volunteer friends, and I especially love when they give me treats. Sometimes they try to get me to do things like “sit” to earn the treat. I love getting tons of attention and love everyone I meet. Unfortunately since I have been at the shelter I have come down with a severe upper respiratory infection and now need to get out of the shelter ASAP. A nice loving home with a comfy bed and lots of love is all I need to help me recover! Come meet me today!


Handsome alert! Descent (A21791733) is a 3-5 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who was surrendered to the shelter because his owners were moving and unfortunately, couldn’t find a way to bring him along. Descent has a beautiful dark gray coat with white splashes and weighs about 60 lbs. Though Descent is a super sweet boy, he is starting to become pretty stressed here in the shelter and could really use your help. Interested in meeting him? Bring your family, including resident dogs and children down to the shelter to meet him!
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This big handsome grey guy is Bumpers (A21740554). He is a 3-5 year old neutered male Pitty mix. Bumpers is a friendly high energy boy who is pretty playful, once riled up he can become a bit mouthy. Bumpers is now on a bite quarantine here at ACCT due to a bite incident with a volunteer. Unfortunately we cannot manage his behavior here at the shelter so he must now find rescue pick up once his quarantine is up (end of the day January 30th ).
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