ACCT Valentine – China!



This little bundle of joy is China (A21791988).

China is approximately 3 years old and is a spayed, medium-sized pittie mix. China is smart – really smart. In a matter of just 15 minutes, she picked up on the targeting activity “touch” and is learning to take treats like a lady. She is also getting used to walking with a harness, but seems to be content on a standard leash. China is a sweet, tolerant and playful girl. She loves getting pets from everyone and enjoys meeting dogs while out on her walks. China is a HUGE fan of tennis balls! She will chase after them when you throw them, and is happy to do this over and over again. She also loves a good game of tug, which is a great way for her to get some exercise and bond with her person.

China is now a member of the Pen Pals program at ACCT. She has two volunteers who work with her – specifically on things that help her on becoming a better canine companion for the lucky family who will eventually scoop her up. She is looking for people who will give her quiet time to relax after coming home from the shelter, will continue to work with her on basic manners and obedience training (maybe in a class), will continue with daily exercise and have patience with her as she figures out how to be the best furry friend she can.

China is a sweetheart and would love to have a home of her very own. If she sounds like the girl for you, please bring the family down to ACCTPhilly to meet her. Her pen pals can provide you more information via email: or Once you meet her, you may soon realize you can’t live without this spunky little ball of energy.

Photos at:
This dog is currently enrolled in the Pen Pal Program at the Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT) of Philadelphia. ACCT is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19140. Adoption Hours are Monday-Friday, 1pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday, 10am-5pm. Foster Care Hours are 9am-6pm every day. Stop by and save a life!



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