Nelson dies at 6pm without an experienced adopter/foster! URGENT!

PLEASE SHARE with your rescue friends ! 

Nelson A#21735769! We are writing as Nelson’s ACCT penpals, who have been working with him for several weeks now and have been trying to find him a home. 


Unfortunately 9 days ago Nelson had an incident where he started leash biting and was hard to redirect. During his leash biting he unfortunately got the hand of his handler. Nothing bad happened to the handler, but because some skin was broken it had to be reported and he is was placed on a 10 day bite hold as per law.

His bite hold is up tomorrow and he has only till tomorrow 5pm . Nelson is rescue or adoption only .

Nelson was a really cool , responsive and friendly dog when he came to the shelter first, but over the last couple of weeks became increasingly stressed at the shelter. He started having trouble concentrating, got overstimulated really easily and was at times hard to redirect. He generally is really really good with other dogs , but can be a bit pushy at first. 

If you are able to help here is the info you may need right now : 

If he is placed into a home via your rescue the person/s would have to be very experienced, due to mouthing and leash biting (however he also responded well to training in the past )

There should be no children in the foster home due to the recent mouthing etc 

If the person or family had other dogs they would hopefully implement something akin to a 2 week shutdown for him to really de-stress , because we do think this would aid tremendously in preventing a negative outcome for him and the foster

He is a smart dog , knows sit, lay down , touch and was learning “Slow” for better leash walking

He loves projects: Kongs etc and a calm environment with lots of walks

Please contact Lifesaving at ACCT if you are a rescue , or if you are an adopter head to ACCT to meet him on Wed 2/19. Or please contact his penpals Megan or petra at and thank you!


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