Tyson is a Knock-Out! Urgent-needs out by tonight!



Pen Pal Tyson sure is a charismatic fellow! Read the letter he wrote to his future adopters, with the help of his pen pals. 

Dear future human parents,

My name is Tyson. I am a medium sized terrier mix and around 1-2 years old. I am such a sweet guy. I am very loving, playful, and gentle with the ideal mix between energetic and mellow. Honestly, I am just looking to have a good time with my humans!

My shelter human’s say I get an A+ in smarty pants school. I am a fast learner and I already know “sit”, “touch”, “drop it”, and I am working on “down” and “watch me”.

I seriously love me some food! I can’t wait for your special treats!
Especially peanut butter! I will do anything for peanut butter!

My shelter human’s think I have good behavior around other dogs and I am always interested in making friends.

I came into the shelter pretty skinny and with a boo boo on my
shoulder, but don’t worry future Mom and/or Dad, the shelter is taking care of me and I am good to go!

My ideal parents:
· Will continue positive reinforcement training with me!
· Will be semi-active- I love fun hikes, walks and games of fetch!
· Will buy me lots and lots of peanut butter!
· Will want to snuggle!

If I sound like the boy for you, please consider adopting, fostering,
or rescuing me!

Also, check out my Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/BettyandMandysPenPals

wiggles & wags,

Tyson is a member of the Pen Pals program at ACCT-Animal Care and Control Team. He has 2 volunteers, Mandy and Betty, who work with him on basic commands and serves as a support system for you and Tyson once he is adopted.

If Tyson sounds like the guy for you, please bring the entire family
(and any resident dogs) down to ACCT Philly to meet him. His pen pals, Mandy and Betty, can provide you more information — just email Mandy at alh02c@gmail.com or Betty at bkimv@outlook.com or head immediately to the shelter today (111 W. Hunting Park Ave. in Philadelphia). Foster hours are 10am-6pm. Adoption hours are 1:00 – 8:00 PM Monday through Friday and 10:00 – 5:00 PM on weekends!


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