Debo the Debonair wants a family!

Meet Debo! 


This handsome gentleman is Debo (A22149163), a grey and white pit/terrier mix up for adoption at ACCT. Found as a stray in Philadelphia, this Sultan of Sweetness is looking for a new place to call home. While Debo’s age is unknown, he is estimated to be somewhere between five and ten years old: Why so big a gap, you ask? Because Debo is like a cross between Aslan and Meryl Streep; full of ageless beauty and wisdom. This gentle boy has many happy years ahead of him to share with his lucky owner! Could it be you?

Debo is a dear, quiet, calm dog who is just happy to be around people. He is good walking on a leash, and likes to stay right by your side so he can look up at you with his big, soulful eyes (and give you a kiss if you bend down to let him!). He loves going out for walks, but is also content lounging around with anyone fortunate enough to share time with this King of Cute. He’ll happily snuggle right at your feet for a nap, and periodically wake up to make sure you’re still there. Debo is housetrained, and is working on learning basic commands and tricks. He will gently take treats from your hand, and is still trying to figure out whether he’s interested in toys and what kind of games he likes to play.

Debo is dog friendly and, while still happily interested in them, is cool as a cucumber passing them on the street. If you’re interested in adopting Debo and have other dogs in your home make sure you bring them with you to the shelter to make sure there are no major personality clashes.

Look into Debo’s eyes. Go ahead, I Debo-dog dare you. Good. What’s that? You’ve fallen head-over-heels in love? Well you’re in luck, because Debo is available for adoption! This affectionate gentleman needs a home that will love him as much as he’ll love you (spoiler alert: A whole lot!). Give this sweet guy the loving forever home he deserves. Interested in learning more about Debo? Contact his Pen Pals Kara Gary at or come in to see Debo at the Animal Care and Control Team (ACCT) Philly today!

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