Cadillac Equals Greatness – Adopt him today!


“Cadillac is a bold and innovative luxury .” That’s what the car dealers say, but are they talking about a car or are they talking about our Cadillac? We can tell you that Cadillac is a bold 5 year old that does not hesitate to show you his beaming personality from the moment you meet him. Cadillac came to us as a stray, but don’t say that in front of him! Cadillac prefers to be called ‘Certified Pre-Owned”, his innovative description of himself that he hopes catches on for future strays. As for luxury? Well, Cadillac is a sure-fire way to bring happiness into your life, so it’s safe to say adopting him is a definite luxury.

He is a super friendly guy who takes treats so gently and he just adores being around his human friends and playing with them. Of course he loves to be pet and get snuggles (luxury!) as well and with his good looks and charm, it’s hard not to! If you can peel yourself off the couch , out of the comfort of Cadillac-snuggles, he really enjoys his time outside to play, be silly, and meet other dogs. The hard kennel is no place for a dog of such greatness (and stockiness!), his bones need a cushiony bed or couch to lay on! Come down to meet Cadillac and I promise you he will melt your heart and brighten your smile like he has ours. He’s simply perfect.
We’re going to change the worldwide Cadillac slogan:
“Cadillac Equals Greatness. Cadillac Equals Perfection.”

Check out the interview with Cadillac here (video will open):


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