Snuggles Help Heal What Hurts

Snuggles DO heal what hurts ❤


Mom lost a friend the other day. He was young and talented and loved by many. Losing someone is never easy, but when it’s so unexpected it can really break your heart. Sometimes it can even be devastating. That’s when we all need to come together for each other.

Mom got the news from another friend, a very distraught friend. The pack knew something was up immediately. We were playing on the bed and settling in for the evening, when Mom suddenly left. Usually, when she leaves we know from all the normal preparations. This time she pretty much grabbed her keys and left.

When she did return home, she did so with the distraught friend, Miss A. Miss A has been to our house before, but this time she came specifically to see us. Once Mom had spent some time with her, she knew she needed more than what…

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