Meet Donald!


Well howdy there, my name is Donald!(A22224699) I am around 1-2 years old and well I’m looking for my own place to call home. Right now I’m at this place called a shelter. I came in as a stray but you would never know it, cause well I just absolutely adore people. Seriously they are awesome. If you give me a few minutes, I will jump right in your lap and give you 1000 kisses. Sometimes I tend to think I weigh 6lbs but I’m probably closer to 50lbs. So what else would you like to know about me, hmm well lets see. I have these two friends, they call themselves my pen pals. They say they r here to help keep me less stressed while I am at the shelter, oh and they said they are going to help me bust out of this joint. Anyway they also say I have the cutest heart shape patch over my eye…truthfully it’s one of my best features so I tend to agree with them, But then again I’m just all around adorable don’t ya think?

They also taught me some commands. I already know “sit”, “touch”, and “come here”. I am working on “down”, “off” and “sit pretty “. I love treats, especially cheese, it’s yummy, So I should pick up on commands in no time. I walk pretty well on a leash but I walk even better on this thing called a freedom harness. One important thing you should know about me though is I am a “Snugaholic”. Truthfully it is a problem, I must have snuggles it is extremely important, if I go to long without snuggels…well let’s not think about that, cause you will snuggle me right? So what do you think, do I sound like the guy for you! If so come down to acct today and meet me, and bring the whole family too. If you have any resident dogs, bring them along to so we can see if we will be the right fit for each other. I really hope to see you soon!!!! For me information about me contact my pen pals at or

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