Deuce Needs A Home To Rest! URGENT!

Meet the handsome Deuce!

DEUCE (A22558675) is a 64-lb, male, Terrier-Pit mix whose is one of the most handsome dogs we have ever seen!


Deuce was born on April 28, 2011, almost exactly three years ago, which makes him a Taurus: stable, loyal and grounded! He has the most soulful brown eyes that show he’s still a little sad to be here.

Deuce is neutered (so he can go home with you today!) and he seems to be house-trained. His previous owner says he was left alone loose in the house and he did fine! He’s easy to leash and seems to be familiar with going for walks. He likes to chase toys and seems to be quite playful, especially when he gets to know you a little.

Deuce is move-in ready and eager to join a new family! Come to the shelter to meet him..

He is available for adoption or foster @ Animal Care and Control Team 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19140

Adoptions Hours: 1pm — 8pm, weekdays; 10am — 5pm, weekends

Foster Care Hours: 9am — 6pm, everyday

**This shelter does not hold animals for long. Even if you cannot adopt or foster right now, please consider sharing for her! Feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you!


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