Astro is STILL waiting for a forever home!

 Meet Bullet-proof Astro!!


Heoowww my name is Astro! I am around 5-7 years old, I am kind of an English Mastiff & Pit Bull mix. I range on the large side of 60lbs, but when my foster family saved me from the shelter I was only 48.0lbs…. I may be healthy on a 70lbs weight.

How I came up for adoption? Well, my foster family don’t know much from my past, except that I was found roamingon the streets police shot me, there are many versionsof this. My foster momma believeI was trying to run away from them… Then the ACO picked me up injured. I spent 14 days in the shelter with a draining bullet hole. My time was running out… My foster parents heard about this & went to save me!

Thank God for fosters! When my foster momma got me she took my right to the vet. They found out I STILL had the bullet in the leg, my leg was broken & I had pneumonia…. They ran all needed blood work, which came back normal & that same night I went in to surgery. My foster parents spent the day at the vet to get me home.

I had multiple cast changes & xrays done. I gained weight slowly & healthily, I am in a refeeding schedule. I finally got cleared of everything! I’ve become a healthy gentleman!


I am a “social eater”! What does this mean? It means I eat when someone stays with me, if you move I’ll follow you!

I LOOVEEEE company, I LOOVEEEEE PEOPLE!!!! I have meet people tall, short, I have loved everyone! Everyone has marveled at how sweet I am, even at the vet! Everyone marveled at my soft fur too!

I loooveee rubber balls & de-stuff squeaky toys. I onlyhve one thing that I cannot live with… Cats… I CANNOT live with cats, but other than that I am great! Dogs? Well, I live with two female dogs, my foster sisters, buuutttt…. If I live with another dog I need to meet them first & see if we are a match. Also, I don’t play with other dogs, I am a snuggler & a couch potato. If I live with another dog he/she needs to be a calm dog.

I am true snuggler, I love to cuddle, be hugged & kissed! If you visit my foster home, I will be on the sofa or human bed! BOL! I would follow you everywhere! I love to go on nice walks, I’m still learning how to walk nicely on a leash, I do best in a freedom harness.  I am already neutered, microchipped & fully vaccinated!


Message me to learn how to meet this great boy!


Tell me what you think!

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