BITSY! The itty bitty pittie!


This gorgeous lowrider has spent too long in the shelter.
While she came in as a stray, she tries so hard to stay house trained
that we feel she must have been someone’s girl.
Bitsy is a sweet lover of a girl who enjoys giving hugs and getting pets but above all, loves herself a squeaky toy!
She also enjoys a good back scratch – and if you can’t give her one, she’ll do it herself!
Prior to coming to ACCT, it seemed as though Bitsy had limited exposure to other dogs.
But her friends are working with her on that.
Walks with other dogs have been a positive way to show
Bitsy that being near other dogs is a great thing.
Lots of cookie treats when she behaves well reinforces this idea.

Bitsy has been at the shelter for quite some time
and it’s recently been discovered that she will self-soothe with a blankie.
Like some other dogs, Bitsy will suck on a blanket like a pacifier.
It’s a way for her to channel the stress of being in the shelter
and a way for her to calm herself and try to relax.
What this gorgeous gal really needs is a home where she can relax.

As a member of the Pen Pals program at ACCT,
Bitsy has two volunteers who work with her on things
that help her on becoming a better canine companion for the
lucky family who will eventually scoop her up.

She only has a few requests:
1) quiet time to relax after coming home from the shelter,
2) work with her on basic manners and obedience training (maybe in a class),
3) continue with daily exercise
4) have patience with her as she figures out how to be the best furry friend she can.

Bitsy is a sweetheart and would love to have a home of her very own.
If she sounds like the girl for you, please bring the family down to ACCTPhilly to meet her.
Her pen pals can provide you more information via email:
katherine.acct {at} gmail {dot} com or larakelly{at}comcast {dot} net.
Once you meet her, you may soon realize you can’t live without this beautiful girl.

111 West Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia PA 19140


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