It’s Rocket’s turn for Happily Ever After


Rocket is in need of his true forever home! He is a GORGEOUS 3-5 year old male Pit Bull/Dogue de Bordeaux mix (we think!) who was originally brought to the shelter back in December 2013 as a stray. He is neutered and up to date on all shots. In addition to being a stray and sitting in the shelter for over 2 months, Rocket has been bounced around quite often since he was first adopted from the shelter back in February 2014 but is now getting the much needed time to decompress and relax his mind. Rocket needs to be in a home with no kids and where he is the only pet. He has gotten along with other dogs and has even lived with one for a short time however it is in his best interest that he be your one and only!
Rocket is now living with his “shelter/foster mom” in a less than ideal situation in order to avoid having him go back to the shelter where his fate would most certainly be unfavorable. His current living situation is less than ideal because there are 3 dogs living in the home (Rocket and 2 resident dogs — 1 of which is very dog aggressive). All 3 dogs must live separate from each other at all times so Rocket is residing in the garage (which has a separate entrance making it easy to take him on his many walks!). Although he is safe, loved, as spoiled as he can be and well cared for, he deserves better than to be living in a garage. Rocket is a good dog with a lot to offer the RIGHT adopter. He is super house trained and well behaved in so many ways. He will also make you laugh on a daily basis with his adorable & quirky personality! He loves car rides but the window should be rolled down just enough for his head to fit out and enjoy the fresh air, otherwise he may forget he is a dog and not a bird and try to fly away with the wind! Other times he just lays down and enjoys the ride! He goes for a few walks a day on his freedom harness (which will go with him to his new forever home when the right one is found) and he is a pretty good boy on his leash. Most of the time, he walks like a gentleman but he tends to pull if distracted by other dogs walking by or bunny rabbits in the field. Peaceful walks in quiet areas or early morning/later at night walks are good for this boy’s soul after all he’s been through! During walks, he knows “look” and will look back at you & immediately sit for a treat (and even if you don’t have a treat but treats always offer more incentive!). If you stop while out on a walk, he will stop and wait patiently until you begin walking again. He is very treat motivated so training him is easy. You can distract him from almost anything if you have treats in your hand and he will sit like a champ the second you ask him to. He also gives paw and takes treats very nicely. Rocket is not only crate trained but this boy LOVES his crate. He sees his crate as his little “safe haven” and it gives him a sense of safety and security. It is important that Rocket has a comfy set up in his crate because he will often retreat to it on his own just to relax, nap or chew on his toys/bones. We don’t know Rocket’s history before coming to the shelter but it may have been one where fear was instilled in him. We are looking to make Rocket’s future brighter and happier than his past may have been. Rocket needs a low key home with an adopter who will allow him ample time to build a trusting relationship with you and will use positive, force free training methods for any training (which can be a lot of fun with this smarty pants!). He deserves a home with access to a fenced-in yard so he can run free sometimes and enjoy life to the fullest. He is a good dog who is very much worthy of a good life and will make a great companion for the right person!

Serious inquiries only, please


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