Busterboy is Move-in Ready!

Buster Boy is ready for a home!


Meet Buster Boy (A22965355), the best boy in town! That’s right, he’s pretty perfect in every way and is a favorite of many of us here! Buster Boy is a young adult mixed breed (Labrador perhaps or just a mix of awesomeness!) who came in as a stray. We know he had a home at one point because of how house trained he is! He’s about 55lbs but in need of some extra goodies to fatten him up a bit. He’s a big fan of treats of any kind and will gently take them from your hands AND catch them in the air! Buster Boy is a playful boy, with both people and dogs, and to watch him run is pretty comical. He’s sure to make you laugh when you watch him run because he looks like a deer learning to walk, it’s just too cute. He will play fetch, run around with you, keep his self busy with toys and will give up toys easily when asked. He’s a fantastic boy on the leash, walks right by your side, loves to sniff around and explore the area. Have to take a car ride somewhere, Buster Boy will climb right into your car and hang out in the back seat. He’s met a 10 year old and ran around the play yards with her, so he would be okay in a home with kids, but just be sure to bring them along to meet him. His favorite thing is to get butt scratches, he loves them! He will lean his whole body in to you for more and give you the biggest smiles. Did we mention his tongue? This boy could most likely be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest tongue. . …ever! 
Buster Boy has been in the doggie playgroups and he has a great time with the calmer, mellow pups. As for the rough and tumble dogs, he prefers to just watch them from afar. He’s a gentle soul so he likes other gentle, calm dogs. He will play bow every dog he sees though and wants to meet them to say hello. If they start to play and they get too hyper for him, he just calmly walks away. Buster Boy is an all-around great boy and would do great in a home with another dog like him. If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, look no further than him, he’s absolutely perfect. 
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96149884@N04/sets/72157645726464183/ 


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