Roosevelt is ready for a family!

Meet Roosevelt!!


Meet Roosevelt! The boy with the strong name and the gentleman heart! Roosevelt is a young adult pit-mix that was brought in as a stray. He has the biggest brown eyes that just scream ‘love me’ when you look into them, they’re actually pretty mesmerizing! Along with his great eyes, Roosevelt has the cutest little speckled ears and nose! If there were awards for best looking dog, he would be the winner! Not only does he have good looks but he has the brain to match! He knows commands and will sit for treats or toys without you even having to say it, he does it on his own (check out his video below!). He loves loves loves treats! He is super skinny so we can’t blame him, but his foster mom is working on getting his weight up to get him to a healthy size. Roosevelt is very appreciative of the love, pets, treats and affection he gets and will give the best kisses to thank you for loving him. He likes to be as close to his person as he can be and will always have his big eyes on you. He would love to snuggle all day, but he is also very playful! He enjoys catching balls (and treats!) in the air and he’s getting really good it! He likes to run after the balls as well as play tug, and he does it all very gently. You can easily get him to trade one toy for another.

Another great thing about Roosevelt is that he enjoys other dogs! He had a best dog friend here and had a good time playing with him or just hanging outside next to him (you can see them hanging out in the photo link below!). Roosevelt will do better with calmer females and younger, calmer males. He’s working on staying house trained, already walks very well while harnessed on the leash and is just an all around great boy!

Photos at:<br&gt;<br&gt;
Video of catching treats!<br&gt;

He is currently in foster care in Philadelphia, PA but is urgently looking for a forever home.   Contact his foster mom with Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue to learn more about meeting & adopting this perfect boy! Email them here:


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