Sweetie’s time is up–URGENT!!!




Introducing Sweetie (A21976794) ! Sweetie is a beautiful, brindle colored 45lb, 1-2 year old terrier mix (she actually looks kind of like a plott hound mix) and she absolutely lives up to her name! She loves people and will basically melt against you if you stop to show her some attention. This is Sweetie’s 2nd time at ACCT and she’s really hoping to find her forever home this time around. She was adopted in March but unfortunately her owner had to unexpectedly move to a place that didn’t allow dogs. He had nothing but good things to say about Sweetie though and was very upset to surrender her. Luckily she has her very own penpal at ACCT, and while being at the shelter is not ideal, they were both very happy to see each other again! They are working on Sweetie’s leash manners almost every day and she is quickly picking up the command “easy” when walking, especially when harnessed. She pulls on leash to get out of her kennel and into the play yard because she’s so excited (who wouldn’t be??) but after a few runs around the yard and a quick game of fetch, she is willing to walk like a complete lady. Some other great things about Sweetie pie – she is very intelligent and listens well, she seems to be housetrained and she is also extremely talented at fetch (she can literally leap and catch the ball in mid-air so she’d be an awesome jogging/running/agility partner). She is well behaved in the car and loves to go for rides and while she is a total cuddlebug with people, she also has no problem with entertaining herself in the yard with a frisbee, tennis ball or stuffed toy. She also knows the command “sit” and “drop it” and takes treats very gently.


Sweetie is great with all her human friends (of any size), however, other dogs seem to stress her out and make her nervous. It’s hard to tell if it’s just the kennel environment and we are working on this by doing walk alongs with other friendly dogs but right now Sweetie would probably do best as the only pet in her family. But we promise she would be the best pet ever!! To see more pictures and updates on Sweetie please visit her personal page at http://www.facebook.com/AdoptAnACCTPenpal or you respond to this ad. Please bring the whole family to meet Sweetie today! **More photos:http://www.flickr.com/photos/animalcontrolphiladelphia/sets/72157640609204723/https://www.flickr.com/photos/75879716@N07/sets/72157644304544537/


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