Tied to a fence-abandoned. Help Rigby find a REAL family!

Meet Rigby!


Meet Rigby (A23089062)! Just like in the song of the almost-same name, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, our Rigby came to us a lonely boy. He was found, abandoned, tied to a fence. This makes for one sad story like the song but we’re trying to turn it into a happy ending! Rigby is a young (around 2 years old), terrier mix with gorgeous brindle coloring. He is a tiny guy, easy to handle, with some of the softest fur around.  One look into his eyes and you will see the hope and love he has inside of him and will immediately fall in love.  Rigby just wants to be loved and he is so easy to love, it’s a wonder as to why he’s still at the shelter!  Rigby has shown us that he wants to be happy and being around loving people helps him achieve that.  He can easily keep himself entertained with toys, and will easily trade toy for toy, but what he prefers to do most is sit with his humans, and be cuddled.  Rigby is also a dog-friendly boy, but does best with more low-key dogs.  He’s okay with kids as well, as he’s met a 10 year old and was a gentleman, taking treats from her ever so gently!
Despite his past, Rigby is one lucky boy, as he has not one, but two Pen Pals that are going to make sure he finds the perfect family. Until that happens, they will cuddle him, practice commands with him and make sure he stays the happy, loving boy he is.  We don’t know how someone could abandon a boy that wants nothing but to love and be loved, but we do know that he will find a real family and will show that he never has feel lonely and abandoned again. Come meet Rigby and give him the love he deserves.
more photos at:https://www.flickr.com/photos/67988365@N08/sets/72157645549359595/
and : https://www.flickr.com/photos/96149884@N04/sets/72157646118896546/

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