Fedora has been in the shelter for over 50 days. It’s her turn to be saved!

Meet Fedora – A16284950
Fedora, Mi Amor! This little lady is Fedora, a 5 year old terrier mix. Sweet Fedora was surrendered to us after living with a family for a few years. We don’t understand how anyone can give the perfect girl up, but their loss is our gain. Fedora comes back to us as a fan-favorite from her original stay here years ago. While it’s not fun for her being back, she comes back with tons of opens arms loving her, which is making her stay this time around a little bit easier. Fedora knows plenty of commands already such as sit, paw, down and when you take out a treat she will sit without even asking her to. She is very house-trained and she walks very easy on the leash! One thing about this girl is how much she loves people! She is so content sitting by your side and snuggling, or running around a yard with her. Anything she can do with you by her side is perfection in her eyes. She has met and rode in a car with a 10 year old and Fedora was nothing but perfect, both with the 10 year old and riding in the car. (If you have children, bring them along to meet her).
Not only does she love people, but Fedora loves to be around dogs too! She had lived with a small dog in her previous home, and while here at the shelter we’ve let her meet and play with other dogs and she loves it. She can be a little pushy for some dogs, but she takes correction very well from them. Fedora recently went on a hike with the other Pen Pal dogs, and it was the best time she’s ever had! At this hike we learned something very important about Fedora…..She’s part fish. That’s right, this lady loves to go in the water, and not just stand around in it either, no way, she wants to go out deeper to swim, and swim she does! Something so simple makes her the happiest girl in the world. (Not to mention she found in a new best friend in another Pen Pal, Sauce, on the hike!) She’s an easy-going girl who loves to play and loves to relax so she’s the perfect combination. Fedora is already spayed so she can go right home at adoption time, so if you want to meet her, come down and be prepared to fall in love, because you will! Email phillyadopt@gmail.com to learn how to meet her!
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96149884@N04/15003824487/in/set-72157647407309992




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