Magpie-Losing her happy spirit stuck in shelter-Adopt/Foster her!

Meet MAGPIE! (A23558862) Magpie is a 50 pound, 1-2 year old Terrier/Pit Bull mix. This sweet girl was found roaming the city streets all by herself. She is a friendly dog who likes to wiggle all around when she sees you coming. She absolutely loves people! She also loves to play with toys, especially the squeaky ones! When she’s out in the yard she enjoys chasing tennis balls all over the place.This polite gal will also bring them back to you and drop them very nicely so that you’ll toss them to her again. Maggie Pie sits nicely for treats and takes them so gently from your hand. Oh and she walks wonderfully on a leash too. Her coat is mostly brindle but her face is all white and has a great doggie smile that you just can’t ignore. Magpie has done will with the dogs she’s met here at the shelter. When she goes on field trips to adoption events she is the star of the show! Everyone falls in love with her. She’s been in the shelter for about 2 months now and has remained just as sweet and loving as when she first came in.That says something about Magpie’s character. Don’t you want to give her the life she deserves? A life with lots of toys, comfy beds and a loving family. You can! Just come to the shelter and bring the whole family and any resident dogs to meet this sweetie. We guarantee you’ll wind up taking her home.

(Magpie was helping out in the adoptions office!)
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*video at:


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