HELP! Becca was ‘rescued’ but now will be put down!



Becca came into Animal Care and Control of Philadelphia back in late July. She was so neglected and sick that she hardly wanted to get out of her kennel and had to be coaxed to even get up. Her ears were severely infected and swollen, she had scabs all over her face, she was very underweight and her severe respiratory infection caused her to constantly gasp for breath. Despite all this, she was a sweet and gentle dog, who wanted nothing more than to be cuddled with and loved. For many dogs in Becca’s situation, euthaniasia is the usual outcome. ACCT is a high-intake public shelter — there is just not enough room for the constant influx of animals and dogs like Becca quickly become more urgent than her younger, healthier counterparts. But this is where Becca’s story takes a different route.


A volunteer at ACCT fell in love with her. One night, right after putting Becca back into her kennel for the night, the volunteer learned that Becca was scheduled to be put to sleep that very night. She rushed back into the shelter to bring her back outside and with the help of a few other volunteers, began frantically calling rescues and potential fosters. It’s never easy to find a home for a dog, especially one as sick as Becca. Luckily, the lifesaving team at ACCT Philly was kind enough to give Becca a 24 hour repreive and the next morning the Women’s Humane Society stepped up to rescue her. Becca left for WHS that day and went into isolation for about 3-4 weeks in order to get herself healthy. In that time, her volunteer from ACCT visited her 3-4 times a week — mostly just to cuddle but also to note her progress. Her cough slowly disappeared, her ear infections are gone, her eyes are bright and clear — she’s become a whole new dog. About 2 weeks ago Becca was cleared for adoption and is still there waiting for her forever home.


It’s sad to watch a dog improve so dramatically and yet still get looked over. She’s an amazing girl — very gentle and loving but you wouldn’t know it by seeing her in her kennel — she just looks kinda sad. She would do best as an only pet right now as she prefers the company of humans to other animals and she would be perfect for anyone looking for an easy, low maintenance companion. She’s low energy, walks great on leash and knows commands like “sit” and “stay”. Plus she’s housetrained! We estimate Becca to be around 5-6 years old. She’s starting to seem depressed after being stuck in shelters for so long and has become very bonded with the 2 volunteers that visit her often (another volunteer from ACCT followed her to WHS as well).


We’d love to see her get a great home, she deserves it after all she’s been through. It takes a certain type of person to open their heart to an older dog like Becca, but she’ll pay you back with so much love and devotion. Women’s Humane Society is located on Richlieu Rd in Bensalem, PA and their hours are listed on their website. Please consider opening your heart and home to this deserving shelter dog. You can reply to this ad for more information.



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