8 yr old Bailey needs forever home for her golden years!

Meet Bailey!

Imagine having the perfect life with the person you love the most, and then that person passes away and you get taken to a shelter. That’s Bailey’s life. Bailey (A23992551), had a life full of love for almost 8 years until suddenly her best friend, her dad, passed away. With no one else to care for her, his family brought her here. This begins the story of our Bailey girl. Bailey is an 8 year old pitbull mix, around 35 lbs and is one of the easiest dogs to love. Her sad story shows on her expressive face, with her pretty brown eyes, which makes her a favorite of everyone!


Not to mention she has the most easy going demeanor and is so laid back, she’s just the perfect dog to snuggle. Bailey is also good very with kids and is living with one in her foster home. Bailey is also a no-cats kinda girl and would do best in a not-pet home.  She enjoys lazy days roaming around the grass soaking up the sunlight, but when you bring her inside and give her a blanket, she will kiss you gently to say thank you. She’s a classy lady that likes to sit back and take in the scenery, watch a few soap operas and get some massages. She is ready to be over this hurdle in her life and just wants to belong to another family. She was recently saved from the shelter and is living in a foster home, but it’s her time to have her forever home!

Contact phillyadopt@gmail.com if you want to spend your life with Bailey girl.

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/67988365@N08/sets/72157648456111296/


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