Playful, Goofy & Dog Friendly – Adopt Bam Bam!

If you are looking for a young, playful and goofy dog that will keep you smiling, then you need to meet Bam Bam.

Just a few reasons why:

*He’s 1-2 years old
*He’s stunningly handsome
*He loves to play
*He runs like Scooby Doo-guaranteed to make you laugh
*He will sit for toys and treats without even having to ask him to
*He is practicing other commands such as ‘come’ and ‘stay’
*He takes treats very gently from your hands
*He loves people of all ages (kids included-he loved running & playing with a 10 year old)
*He is dog friendly
*He enjoys running around
*He loves to snuggle in blankets
*He is always happy!

Ask me how to meet him, I promise he will give you a life of happiness!



Tell me what you think!

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