We said our goodbyes – But it was just the beginning (Adopt Nolan!)

One day, last April, the happiest dog in the world was surrendered to a high kill shelter because of a landlord issue.  We learned in a short amount of time how great he was, how perfect he was, and so he became an immediate favorite to every person that met him. Fast forward a few weeks and the time had come for him to be put down.  You see, a dog so smart and so full of life doesn’t fare well being confined in a kennel for too long.  So in reality, he was being put down because he was smart.  When myself & fellow volunteers got word that he had one day left, after already getting him a one night reprieve, We called, texted, e-mailed, shouted from the rooftops just about, to anyone that would listen to try to save him but to no avail


It was a frigid, rainy night that night, seemingly fitting for the current situation Canelo was in, so we decided that since we couldn’t stay outside in those conditions, we’d find a place inside to spend his last moments. We found an empty loading dock area and so that’s where we took him.  We thought we would sit and cuddle him but he had other things in mind. Canelo wanted to play.  He was so smart too that we think he may have known more tricks than we did! Here is a preview of how smart he was:

After spending a good amount of time with him playing, eating, kissing and hugging, we had to put him back in his kennel to wait for his turn to be walked to the E-room.  We let him know how amazing he was, how loved he was, how important he was. We made sure he was happy, and then we left, crying into the night.  How could a dog so perfect not make it out alive?  We woke up to learn that, after all of the heartache that night, that Canelo was still alive! A volunteer took him out and took photos as proof for us since we couldn’t believe it! canelo5

The excitement was short lived since he could be taken at any second. We called, texted etc again, and were given a firm time-stamp of noon after begging for them to wait.  At exactly 11:03am, Canelo had a confirmed rescue pick-up. He was safe.  He was going to live.  He had to stay in a boarding kennel for a few weeks since there were no open foster homes, but he was safe and getting love/attention/exercise by the staff and volunteers there.  Fast forward to today, Canelo, now known as the adorable Nolan, has been in a foster home since May, but he is STILL looking for a forever home!  He is dog, cat AND kid friendly (he adores being around children!) ! He loves the outdoors, he loves car rides, his best friends are his foster dog-siblings.

Nolan is available through Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue. Go over to Nolan’s own Facebook page to learn more about him, to see more photos and most importantly, to find out how to meet and adopt him! Adorable Adoptable Nolan’s Facebook Page


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