Sometimes you really can’t save them all.

Last week, a fellow volunteer says “Did you see the dogs bleeding in the back? You have to, it’s horrible”.  I went to the back and there I found Sasha Rodriguez & Duces Cruz, two hauntingly beautiful yet severely wounded pit bulls.


According to their owner (and that is all he was, an owner, not a family member to them) the two girls got into a fight with each other and he didn’t want them any longer.  Noted they were ‘aggressive’ all over their paperwork.  I disagree.  These girls, while yes, didn’t get along at times, they were sisters, who could be in the same room, meeting each other again after the fight and be calm and well-mannered with the other.  We don’t know what sparked the fight, food related? Toy related? Human related? We don’t know.

What we did know was that these girls craved love and affection from anyone that would give it to them.  Ducez (gray) had open wounds on her legs and paws and could barely walk, but when a person came to her kennel, she ignored the pain and came to the kennel door to kiss whoever it was that came to see her.  There were only a few places you could pet her without touching a wound, and she made sure you pet it.

Sasha took a few days to warm up, but once she did, she wanted human touch more then anything.  She’d lay her head in your hands, paw at you for more pets, begging to get her out of there.  We promised we’d save them…but we couldn’t.

The girls needed to be saved by a rescue that never came.  Being so busy & full with rescue dogs, we understood. In their short amount of time here, We gave them the love, attention, kisses and kind words that it seems they never received before.  They’re gone now, among the heavens with the rest of the lost ones, but hopefully, and I pray, they are at peace knowing how many people their souls touched.


Run free angels, we’ll see you one day.


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