Jetta lost her home and her family, can she crash at your place forever?

Meet Jetta!


Jetta is an adult black-lab mix that wants nothing more than to have a family again.  She had one once, but they lost their home burnt down in a fire and while everyone made it out, Jetta had to be surrendered to us after her family couldn’t find affordable housing that would allow her to live there.  You can see n Jetta’s that she’s sad, and she misses her home.


Jetta has been spending time with her two Pen Pals at the shelter, trying to help her be happy again.  We have learned that she is a supreme snuggler.  She loves to be cuddled up to her person as well as give them hugs!  Her velvety soft fur makes it even better, since once you pet her you just don’t want to stop!


When she’s not cuddled up to her human friends, she likes to run around with her favorite toys, a squeaky ball.  She will play fetch for as long as you let her, and when not in the middle of the game, she will proudly walk around with her ball in her mouth, like a trophy, super proud of herself for having that cool ball! (just check out her smile below!)


Jetta is house-trained and very smart.  She knows commands such as sit, lay down, come, and down.  With how smart she is, and her being very treat motivated, any additional training you would need to do would be so easy!  Jetta has also met and got along good with dogs her size but she’s a little unsure of the little dogs, so we think no little guys for her. She really deserves a home again, and deserves to be loved the way she loves us.  Come to ACCT Philly to meet and adopt her, we promise it will be the best decision you will ever make.  Jetta is one amazing girl!


Come to ACCT Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Phila., PA 19140 or e-mail phillyadopt @ to learn more!


6 responses to “Jetta lost her home and her family, can she crash at your place forever?

  1. Treyce Montoya's Blog

    I am trying to spread awareness. People need to get it straight that Staffordshire Terriers are NOT Pitbulls and rescues need to label them correctly! In our county, only 1:600 pitties are rescued / adopted BUT it is estimated that more than half are NOT pitties but are Staffordshires or Staffy-mixes. That means, potentially, 300 could have been adopted / rescued!

  2. Vincent Cappello

    I have a 3 year old blue nose pit and he loves people and all animals and I mean all he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body,I would love to get him a 4 legged companion Jetta sounds perfect I’d like to have a meet and greet , can this be arranged in advance or should I just stop in?

    • Hi Vincent! A meet & greet would need to be done at the shelter with your pup and Jetta to see how everyone gets along. So come on in whenever you can! Adoptions opens at 1pm!
      Thank you!

  3. we lost two dogs 11days apart it was very hard we rescued animals are whole life and we would love to have her in our lives

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