**SAFE!** Pips time runs out Tuesday 2/17/15 at 12pm. Save him now!

Meet Pips!


Hi! My name is Pips (A24472125) I’m a 50 pound, 1-2 year old pit-terrier mix looking for my forever home. I’m a happy and friendly guy. I love making new friends – people and dogs – I love hanging out my buddies. I have a lot of friends here at ACCT, but I’m ready to move into a real home where I will have my own dog bed and toys!

I’m quiet and patient in my kennel, but when I’m outside I love to run, play and get exercise. If you’re into running, hiking or long walks, I’d make a great partner. I try to be humble, but you really should know how smart I am. I know “sit” and “down” and am picking up “touch” and “watch me” really quickly. The coolest part is that I’m even learning the hand signals that go along with these commands! I can’t wait to learn more commands so I can make you proud!

My favorite things are belly scratches, chewing on Kong toys, exploring the outdoors and TREATS! I’ll do anything for those! Maybe that’s why I learn so fast – because I get something yummy when I work on commands!!

Please help me by sharing my video and/or donating to my care: http://www.gofundme.com/savepips

Watch me in action here: 


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