Help keep Biscuit from going back to the shelter!

Meet Biscuit!

Biscuit was having fun...really!

Biscuit was having fun…really!

Biscuit was a recent resident of ACCT Philly animal shelter.  He was there for about 2 months after his dad went away and had no one to care for him or his dog sister, Brittle.  He did exceptionally well in the shelter environment thanks to his laid-back personality, but still needed a home.

Last week Biscuit finally was adopted and had a family and home of his own (His sister was adopted the next day as well)!  The family loved him – Even in the week before meeting him, they loved him, so much so that they drove 2 hours to meet him after talking about him with his Pen Pal for a week through e-mails and texts.  It was really love at first sight.


While he was in the home, the adopters had nothing but great things to say about him!  How well-behaved he was, how house trained he was, how he just wanted to be by their side no matter what they were doing, how snuggling up on the couch was his favorite thing to do, how he waited to go out the door until told he can and came when called for the few seconds that he wasn’t by their side.

He was/is the perfect gentleman.  Sadly, during a walk in the neighborhood, another dog in passing he met and him got into a scuffle.  It was nothing bad, just dogs being dogs, but this made the adopters return him to us.  Biscuit was heading back to the shelter.  I had him brought to me at my job to hang out awhile before having to take him back there, plus I missed him terribly in the few days he was adopted! Biscuit arrived at my office and was exceptionally well-behaved.  He didn’t wander around, he stayed by my desk, followed me when I had to go to another area, sat by my side, laid in hallway among people walking back & forth.  He was perfect, to no surprise.

Catching some zzz's while I worked

Catching some zzz’s while I worked

Hanging at the office

Hanging at the office

Biscuit is the best looking office worker I have ever met!

Biscuit is the best looking office worker I have ever met!

It was St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish was with us, when upon driving to take him back to the shelter, a friend stepped up and offered her  home for him for a few days to keep him out of the shelter, until I could find a longer-term solution or even better, a forever family.

This is where YOU come in.  Biscuit needs to find that place ASAP!  He is a 3-5 year old pit mix, 70lbs and a total gentle giant.  He has the calmest demeanor and easy-going personality, he’d fit into any family.  He does not like cats, and at this time, I would like him to be the only pet in the home, as he has so much love to give, I don’t want him to have to share it!  He walks great on leash when he is harnessed and stays right by your side.  He listens SO well when you call him, or direct him to walk a different way – he is always in tune to what his handler wants, he only wants to please you.  In return he will give you kisses that are so soft and gentle, and place a paw on your leg. Biscuit is one great dog – Show him he deserves the love in return for the love he gives out.  Help me save Biscuit. E-mail me for how to meet him at


Biscuit is move-in ready!


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