I Put My Dog Down Yesterday

This article is so moving, so touching, so real. In rescue I’ve experienced some great ones that after ‘saving’, we freed them from their minds.
And then there is my dog, Caesar. He doesn’t allow people to come in, or around, my home for fear of….I don’t know. I have seen what he is capable of when his fear aggression takes over, which is more often than not, when we are outside. If the time comes where he can’t be with me or can no longer be managed, I too will have to free him from his mind.
Kudos to the author for documenting such a sad, yet commendable reality.

Pound Puppy Rescue


I put my dog down yesterday. He was not sick. He was not old. I rescued him over 8 years ago when he was only 2 months old. And I put him down to rescue him again.

Sutter would have been one of the 4 million dogs euthanized in a US shelter that year. But instead, he and his litter mates were rescued by Pound Puppy Rescue, a local puppy rescue. Just days old when he was brought into his foster home, Sutter and his litter mates were bottle fed until they could eat on their own.

Sutter was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. Deep red coat and amber eyes. Naturally athletic. We were unsure of his breed but a DNA test told us cattle dog and boxer. His herding and hunting instincts were interminable. And from the very moment I got him, something was ‘off’.


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