Yes, I AM a “kill-shelter” volunteer

Yes, Yes and Yes.

Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs

Originally published as Facebook note on May 16, 2011

I read and posted these links earlier today, and started getting a few such negative comments that I took down the posts. So I’m trying again and asking you to read, then think before you start criticizing the kind of volunteerism the people featured in these stories have chosen to undertake.

Think offering a death row dog some enrichment before she’s killed, knowing you can’t take her home yourself and save her life, is “weird”? “sick”? “a waste of time”? Unsettling, yes; gut-wrenching, yes; provocative of a whole lot of soul-searching about what it means to be human, yes—and it should be. A lot of people I know won’t set foot in a pound or shelter, government, private or otherwise. But if you haven’t got the stomach for it, please don’t criticize those who have found a way…

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