Beginning on February 6th, MUCH needed renovations are to start on the shelter’s HVAC system. As told to us by ACCT : “The renovation includes a new heating/cooling system, new kennel ceiling and lighting, and cleaning of all vents. This system will provide better climate control and a higher air exchange rate, ensuring pets housed at ACCT Philly – both cats and dogs – will have a more comfortable and healthy environment.”

This will have such a great impact on the health & well being of our animals and we can not wait to get started! Of course though, with such a big job, there will be some hurdles to overcome. The main hurdle will be to help the dogs and cats find adopters, fosters and rescues FAST and to limit the amount of animals coming into the shelter. We will only be able to utilize half of the kennels while they work on the other half, thus cutting our space in half during this time.


That’s where YOU come in. Rescues can’t help if they don’t have enough open foster homes. I am posting below a list of approved Acct Philly Rescue/Transfer Partners (with their permission) that are open to obtaining new foster parents to help us save more animals during this time (and of course, in the future). Each rescue will need new foster homes to complete their foster application process which you can find on their websites. They are based all over the Tri-State area, so find one that you are interested in and in your area and fill out a foster app or two! Help us help them – We thank you all in advance! Any questions, please comment below and I will be happy to help!

Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue – Click here

Peace Love & Doggie Paws – Click here

Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue – Click here

Peaceable Kingdom – Click here

Home At Last Dog Rescue – Click here

New Life Animal Rescue – Click here

Tiny Paws Rescue – Click here

Paw It 4ward – Click here

Outcast Rescue – Click here

Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue – Click here

Jax’s Labrador Retriever Rescue – Click here (Breed Specific)

Balanced Buddies ResQ – Click here

Salfid Rescue – Click here

J & Co Dog Rescue – Click here

Don’t Bully Us Rescue – Click here

Tiny Miracles Rescue – Click here

Sammi’s Voice Pit Bull Rescue – Click here

Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue – Click here

CHAR WILLS German Shepherd Rescue – Click here (Breed Specific)

Good Karma Rescue – Click here

Forever Home Rescue – Click here

Kodi’s Club Rescue – Click here (Breed Specific)

Rescue Dogs Rock Animal Rescue – Click here

These are just a handful of rescues – if you own a rescue and are approved to pull from Acct Philly and want to be added, let me know!


Another option I would like to post is Emeka’s Fund, a Registered 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization set up to provide financial assistance to families who cannot afford to privately euthanize their terminally ill pet. Many times families are faced with having to surrender their terminally ill pet to the shelter for euthanasia due to the costs of private euthanasia. Emeka’s fund helps families keep their dying pet out of the shelter and allows them the right of having them go in peace, surrounded by loved ones. You can learn more about them HERE.

If you know someone that needs to rehome their pet, please have them reconsider or, consider other options to keep them from surrendering to the shelter. There are a number of resources out there to hep families in need including Citizens for a No Kill Philadelphia which has resources from pet food pantry to behavior assistance, and also Get Your Pet, which is an on-line site designed to help you rehome your pet while keeping them oout of the shelter!


I would like to thank all of the rescues joining our plight and all of the public that are open to helping us as well – the homeless pets of Philly depend on us!


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