Emeka’s Fund -Finding Peace at the Rainbow Bridge

In July of 2015, a beautiful German Shepherd was surrendered to Acct Philly (Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia), his name was Emeka.  Emeka had recently gotten very ill and was taken to the vet for diagnostic testing.  Sadly, it was discovered that this loyal companion was terminally ill.  With no way to pay for a private and formal euthanasia, his owner said his goodbyes and brought him to the shelter with the knowledge that he would be humanely euthanized.

Emeka at the shelter

Emeka at the shelter

Volunteers had seen this boy, lying in his kennel with a packet full of veterinary notes, documenting all that has been done for him, and words of love expressing how loved he was and couldn’t let him die alone.  They gathered together a rescue to save him from the shelter and funds to take him to their private vet to confirm the diagnosis so they would be positive that euthanasia was the best option.  When it was sadly discovered that it was, Emeka was able to cross the rainbow bridge in a room filled with heavy, loving hearts and warm, comforting hands.

The animal shelter is not meant to be a place for final goodbyes like this but all to often owners are left with no other option.  This is where a team of shelter volunteers (Cheryl, Anna Marie, Bridget and Lisa) was formed, to try to help families say goodbye to their pets together through a private euthanasia, not alone in a shelter.


Cheryl, Bridge, Lisa & Anna Marie

When someone comes to the shelter with their terminally ill pet, it is Emeka’s Fund who steps in and will direct the owner to one of their vet partners and, if needed, will cover the cost of a private euthansia.  If the illness can be cured and the outlook is positive, Emeka’s Fund will pay for the vet visit and the owner can purchase the medicine needed at that time and the dog will be back home with his/her family to live out the rest of their lives!


Comet and his Daddy – 12 years of love before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge


Emeka’s Fund is funded by donations and are always seeking new ways to spread the word about their mission and gather donations.  This year, Emeka’s Fund will be holding a raffle for $500!  Tickets are $20 each and the drawing will be held on 03/20/2017.  To purchase a ticket you can:

1-Use PayPal and select the “friends & family” option. Enter the email address: EmekasFund1@comcast.net ( Include your contact information in the comment section so we can contact you if you win!)

2-Mail a check made out to “Emeka’s Fund” to: PO Box 21143 Phila, PA. 19114.

3-Message their Facebook Page for other payment options.


If you wish to donate to Emeka’s Fund, you can do so at any of the above ways as well!  If you or someone you know need this type of assistance, send an e-mail to emekasfund1@comcast.net or visit their Website.





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