Achilles Needs You!



Achilles was the bravest, handsomest, and greatest warrior of the army in the Trojan War and our Achilles here at the shelter, is also the bravest and handsomest. He may not be a warrior on the battlefield (he’s a lover, not a fighter), but he is a Tennis Ball Warrior! Achilles is brave because he was brought to the shelter upon his owner entering hospice care. He keeps a brave face all along but still longs for his family.


Achilles is the handsomest because he has adorable floppy ears, speckles all over and eyes that show his soul. Achilles is a tennis ball warrior because this boy could play fetch with tennis balls for hours if you let him! It is the one thing that this boy craves and needs to be happy. He will run for the ball before you even throw it and if he has one in his mouth, he will try to squeeze two in there.



Our sweet Achilles is 5 years old (the best age!), approx 70lbs and tries to remain house trained while in the shelter. He is a lover of people and other dogs. He does tend to come off pretty strong when meeting new doggie friends, but if they don’t like it and they correct him, he takes it like a man and will take a step back to relax (usually by just plopping his butt on the ground, he doesn’t just sit, he plops!).


Achilles is an active boy so he is in need of an active home that will give him the mental and physical stimulation he needs (he is a warrior, remember, and warriors are always on alert). In his time here he has met young children and he was a total gentleman, sitting at (and on) their feet so they could pet him. Achilles is a true joy to be around and once he opens up to you, there is no turning back, you will officially have fallen in love with this tennis ball warrior.


Come meet Achilles at Acct Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Ave., Phila., PA 19140                    1pm-8pm M-F and 10am-5pm weekends/holidays.  Email Achilles’ best friend at




You can stop looking for your new family member now, because once you see Dino, you won’t need to look any further.26604911215_32f6ed3475_k

This extremely handsome 3 year old boy is made up of one part beauty and one part brains. He was surrendered to us when his family had to move, so living in a home is still fresh in his mind and we know he wants nothing more than to be back in one ASAP. Dino likes other dogs his own size & bigger but isn’t a fan of those little dogs or cats. With the bigger dogs though, Dino is very eager to play and would just need some help in learning how to properly play with another dog (No humping, Dino!). (check out the video of this meet HERE )


His sweet and gentle nature would make him perfect for just about any home scenario, plus he’s on the smaller side of around 40lbs. He can come off a little shy when meeting new people, but shortly after he warms up and doesn’t want to leave your side. He’s happiest when he is out on walks with his human friends and since he’s pretty easy on the leash, it’s easy to want to spend time with him outside.26189497783_f992bdfc06_o

Dino did come to us with some skin issues (Deep Pyoderma) due to some type of untreated allergy but with medicine and baths (Dino is such a good boy in the bath) it has been clearing up at a steady pace and is almost as good as new. Also, Dino is an angel in the car so if you wanted to take a beach trip, he’d totally be up for that! Come in to meet the amazing Dino and let’s get him back into a loving home where he belongs!13103454_10154074869115119_6486247010019845621_n

Come meet Dino at Acct Philly 7 days week! 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Phila. ,PA 19140  Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm and Weekends/Holidays 10am-5pm13138880_10154074869030119_3080011034223907690_n

Sylvester would like a chin-scratcher for life!

This handsome gentleman is Sly (the name his owner’s called him was Sylvester, but we call him Sly). He is a 12 year old man that was surrendered to us after having an allergic reaction to fleas. Luckily for him, once he got here he was treated and is feeling much better now that they are gone!


Sly is a laid back guy that just wants to be loved. Once you start petting him, he purrs so loud that you can practically hear it across the room! Sly’s eyes are the kind that just draw you in and you can’t stop staring (he doesn’t mind because he likes attention).


He would love nothing more than to be to be curled up on his favorite person’s lap getting chin scratches (they are his favorite!). He is just looking to get back into a home and have a family to love, and believe us, he’s VERY lovable! Sly is already neutered so he can go home with you today — which is perfect because his bags are packed & ready to go!!
Come to meet him ASAP at Acct Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140
1pm-8pm Monday-Friday and 10:00am-5:00pm Saturday & Sunday


Free Hugs From Chug!

Do you like dogs? Do you like hugs? Do you like dog’s hugs? If you answered yes, then Chug is your girl!
This stunning tan and white pit/shar pei-mix loves to hug and cuddle her human friends – it’s her all time favorite thing to do! Chug is around 3 years old and is currently at the shelter waiting for a real family to come and love her forever. She has a two-toned eye: half blue/half brown!

She is dog social but prefers to be around dogs that are calm and gentle (like she is). She doesn’t want to play with them but she can be around them going out on walks, hikes etc. (She recently went on a hike with a male dog and they were great together). It is currently unknown how she is with cats.
She is gentle and is good with kids (she previously lived with them). Chug just has so much love to give out, let’s help get her the home she’s looking for!
Come meet her Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm or Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm at Acct Philly, 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Phila., PA 19140

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Why PETA? Why?

Source: Why PETA? Why?

Adopt Allie – An Itty Bitty Pocket Pittie!

Meet Allie!


If you are a lover of gray pit-mixes but want a smaller dog, then Allie is your girl!


Allie (A29634795) comes to us as a stray and she could surely use some extra food to fatten her up! She is a tiny 26lb adult former Mama that is just looking for love! While she is thinner than we like, even when she puts some weight on she will still be a tiny little lover.
Allie loves to go outside so she can cuddle up to her favorite people. She seems to be house trained and would love to be able to snuggle up on a couch with some blankets and a loving massage (and a pedicure!) to help her forget about her past and look to her future!
Come meet her ASAP at Acct Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Phila., PA 19140
1pm-8pm Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday/Sunday


Princess – Looking For A Home For Over 1 Year!

From her rescue, Diamonds In The Ruff Rescue:

This is Princess!


Hi, I’m Princess!

She is STILL looking for a home! We rescued her from a high kill shelter in Philadelphia over a year ago after she was found roaming the streets of Philadelphia.

Princess right after being saved from the kill shelter

Princess right after being saved from the kill shelter

She’s absolutely gorgeous! She’s a 1-2 year old spayed Lab mix with butterscotch coloring. She’s a fun girl that loves to run around the back yard and play with a ball.  She absolutely loves her ball, she could spend all day in the yard playing.

"I love my ball!"

“I love my ball!”

Taking a breather from playing in the yard

Taking a breather from playing in the yard

She is also extremely good in a crate & She also loves being pet and snuggled, the whole time she gently gives her paw and kisses, as if saying thank you for the love and attention.   She loves hiking and hanging out with her temporary foster family!



She would love a forever home without cats and would love to be the only spoiled dog! Please email us at if you’re interested in giving her a forever home!

"Do YOU know why no  one has picked me yet?"

“Do YOU know why no one has picked me yet?”

She is up for adoption thru Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue and can’t wait to find her forever home!