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You can stop looking for your new family member now, because once you see Dino, you won’t need to look any further.26604911215_32f6ed3475_k

This extremely handsome 3 year old boy is made up of one part beauty and one part brains. He was surrendered to us when his family had to move, so living in a home is still fresh in his mind and we know he wants nothing more than to be back in one ASAP. Dino likes other dogs his own size & bigger but isn’t a fan of those little dogs or cats. With the bigger dogs though, Dino is very eager to play and would just need some help in learning how to properly play with another dog (No humping, Dino!). (check out the video of this meet HERE )


His sweet and gentle nature would make him perfect for just about any home scenario, plus he’s on the smaller side of around 40lbs. He can come off a little shy when meeting new people, but shortly after he warms up and doesn’t want to leave your side. He’s happiest when he is out on walks with his human friends and since he’s pretty easy on the leash, it’s easy to want to spend time with him outside.26189497783_f992bdfc06_o

Dino did come to us with some skin issues (Deep Pyoderma) due to some type of untreated allergy but with medicine and baths (Dino is such a good boy in the bath) it has been clearing up at a steady pace and is almost as good as new. Also, Dino is an angel in the car so if you wanted to take a beach trip, he’d totally be up for that! Come in to meet the amazing Dino and let’s get him back into a loving home where he belongs!13103454_10154074869115119_6486247010019845621_n

Come meet Dino at Acct Philly 7 days week! 111 West Hunting Park Avenue, Phila. ,PA 19140  Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm and Weekends/Holidays 10am-5pm13138880_10154074869030119_3080011034223907690_n


Adopt Allie – An Itty Bitty Pocket Pittie!

Meet Allie!


If you are a lover of gray pit-mixes but want a smaller dog, then Allie is your girl!


Allie (A29634795) comes to us as a stray and she could surely use some extra food to fatten her up! She is a tiny 26lb adult former Mama that is just looking for love! While she is thinner than we like, even when she puts some weight on she will still be a tiny little lover.
Allie loves to go outside so she can cuddle up to her favorite people. She seems to be house trained and would love to be able to snuggle up on a couch with some blankets and a loving massage (and a pedicure!) to help her forget about her past and look to her future!
Come meet her ASAP at Acct Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Phila., PA 19140
1pm-8pm Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday/Sunday


Dakota – 2 Months In Shelter! Save Him! Acct Philly.

This is Dakota!


Dakota, a 4 year old male, came into the shelter as a stray and we’re not sure how someone let this dog go, but they did, and so luckily for you, you can adopt him!  Sadly, Dakota has been at the shelter for TWO months.   Do you KNOW how long two months is in dog time?  Almost like forever.   It doesn’t dampen Dakota’s spirit though, this boy is always happy, always down for a good time.  Don’t believe me? Check him out in action:

See – He loves everything and everyone and does it all with a smile on his face.


Dakota is very smart and could benefit from someone teaching him more commands and tricks.  He’s an easy learner and always looks to his handler for direction. He loves to play as well, so if you want a guy that has some energy for a few rounds of fetch, or a few tugs of a tug-toy, then he’s perfect for you.


After Dakota has been outside, trying to meet every dog and human he sees (but no cats!), he enjoys cuddling up to his human friends.  He gives gentle hugs and kisses, and actually, he prefers this over playing!


Dakota has SO much love in him to give a family, please consider meeting him to adopt or foster.  He is a great dog that does not belong to sit in a shelter one more day!

dak1 dak3dakota11

Go to Acct Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19140 Monday-Friday 1pm-8pm or Sat-Sun 10am-5pm to adopt-foster-rescue our sweet, loving Dakota!

Help keep Biscuit from going back to the shelter!

Meet Biscuit!

Biscuit was having fun...really!

Biscuit was having fun…really!

Biscuit was a recent resident of ACCT Philly animal shelter.  He was there for about 2 months after his dad went away and had no one to care for him or his dog sister, Brittle.  He did exceptionally well in the shelter environment thanks to his laid-back personality, but still needed a home.

Last week Biscuit finally was adopted and had a family and home of his own (His sister was adopted the next day as well)!  The family loved him – Even in the week before meeting him, they loved him, so much so that they drove 2 hours to meet him after talking about him with his Pen Pal for a week through e-mails and texts.  It was really love at first sight.


While he was in the home, the adopters had nothing but great things to say about him!  How well-behaved he was, how house trained he was, how he just wanted to be by their side no matter what they were doing, how snuggling up on the couch was his favorite thing to do, how he waited to go out the door until told he can and came when called for the few seconds that he wasn’t by their side.

He was/is the perfect gentleman.  Sadly, during a walk in the neighborhood, another dog in passing he met and him got into a scuffle.  It was nothing bad, just dogs being dogs, but this made the adopters return him to us.  Biscuit was heading back to the shelter.  I had him brought to me at my job to hang out awhile before having to take him back there, plus I missed him terribly in the few days he was adopted! Biscuit arrived at my office and was exceptionally well-behaved.  He didn’t wander around, he stayed by my desk, followed me when I had to go to another area, sat by my side, laid in hallway among people walking back & forth.  He was perfect, to no surprise.

Catching some zzz's while I worked

Catching some zzz’s while I worked

Hanging at the office

Hanging at the office

Biscuit is the best looking office worker I have ever met!

Biscuit is the best looking office worker I have ever met!

It was St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish was with us, when upon driving to take him back to the shelter, a friend stepped up and offered her  home for him for a few days to keep him out of the shelter, until I could find a longer-term solution or even better, a forever family.

This is where YOU come in.  Biscuit needs to find that place ASAP!  He is a 3-5 year old pit mix, 70lbs and a total gentle giant.  He has the calmest demeanor and easy-going personality, he’d fit into any family.  He does not like cats, and at this time, I would like him to be the only pet in the home, as he has so much love to give, I don’t want him to have to share it!  He walks great on leash when he is harnessed and stays right by your side.  He listens SO well when you call him, or direct him to walk a different way – he is always in tune to what his handler wants, he only wants to please you.  In return he will give you kisses that are so soft and gentle, and place a paw on your leg. Biscuit is one great dog – Show him he deserves the love in return for the love he gives out.  Help me save Biscuit. E-mail me for how to meet him at phillyadopt@gmail.com


Biscuit is move-in ready!

All of this sweetness for zero calories – Get a ‘Biscuit’ today!



Biscuit trying out for Mr. March!

Gentle Giant Alert!! Biscuit (A24873689) is our newest gentle giant! He is a 3-5 year old pit bull mix that came in here with his sister (Brittle A24873688) when their owner went to jail. Biscuit has such a sadness in his beautiful face that just shows how much he misses being in a home with a family.

Biscuit was having fun...really!

Biscuit was having fun…really!

Biscuit is on the large side of 70lbs but you really wouldn’t know when walking him with a harness. He is an easy-going, laid-back gentleman who is nice to everyone he meets. He takes treats so gently and politely, it’s hard to not give him all of the treats you have!

Biscuit getting snuggled in for the night

Biscuit getting snuggled in for the night

He likes to explore his surroundings outside and then enjoys being pet and relaxing afterwards. If you’re looking for a boy that’s heart is as big as his body, then Biscuit is your man.  Come to ACCT Philly to foster or adopt this sweet ball of goodness! 


The story of Dahlia – Help us find her a loving home!


Dahlia (and her smile) at the shelter

In the summer of 2014 this sweet girl was found tied to a pole in the city and was brought in to the shelter, ACCT Philly.

She became a Pen Pal at the shelter (meaning she had one-on-one interaction with a volunteer daily) and shorty after she was adopted.  Fast forward to March 2nd 2015.  A volunteer’s friend saw a photo of a dog on a Facebook group called “For sale or trade in North Philly”, on ‘sale’ for $45 or to the highest bidder.  Her ‘family’ stated they moved and their new place didn’t allow pets.


At the shelter, she loved chewing toys on the grass

We couldn’t allow Dahlia to be basically thrown away to anyone & end up in the wrong hands, so a volunteer stepped up to ‘buy’ her and take her to safety.  Being so spur of the moment, we had no place for her to actually go, but we had to get her before someone else did.


Dahlia and her favorite toys when she was at the shelter

Dahlia was given a bath and some much needed food, since she came to us thinner then she was when she was at the shelter, and taken to a local boarding facility until a temporary foster could take her in a few days.  This is only temporary and she needs a longer-term foster or even better, a real forever family.  Dahlia lived with young kids in her home and according to her adopter is good with other dogs – We haven’t been able to dog-test her yet so we can’t confirm if this is correct info.  She LOVES toys and any kind of balls to run around with, she’s 2 years old, spayed and up to date on shots.


Dahlia on her way to boarding

Help us help Dahlia move on from this and finally find her Happily Ever After!  Email for more info on how to meet Dahlia phillyadopt@gmail.com

Jetta lost her home and her family, can she crash at your place forever?

Meet Jetta!


Jetta is an adult black-lab mix that wants nothing more than to have a family again.  She had one once, but they lost their home burnt down in a fire and while everyone made it out, Jetta had to be surrendered to us after her family couldn’t find affordable housing that would allow her to live there.  You can see n Jetta’s that she’s sad, and she misses her home.


Jetta has been spending time with her two Pen Pals at the shelter, trying to help her be happy again.  We have learned that she is a supreme snuggler.  She loves to be cuddled up to her person as well as give them hugs!  Her velvety soft fur makes it even better, since once you pet her you just don’t want to stop!


When she’s not cuddled up to her human friends, she likes to run around with her favorite toys, a squeaky ball.  She will play fetch for as long as you let her, and when not in the middle of the game, she will proudly walk around with her ball in her mouth, like a trophy, super proud of herself for having that cool ball! (just check out her smile below!)


Jetta is house-trained and very smart.  She knows commands such as sit, lay down, come, and down.  With how smart she is, and her being very treat motivated, any additional training you would need to do would be so easy!  Jetta has also met and got along good with dogs her size but she’s a little unsure of the little dogs, so we think no little guys for her. She really deserves a home again, and deserves to be loved the way she loves us.  Come to ACCT Philly to meet and adopt her, we promise it will be the best decision you will ever make.  Jetta is one amazing girl!


Come to ACCT Philly, 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Phila., PA 19140 or e-mail phillyadopt @ gmail.com to learn more!